I am really grateful to Dr Chart Sharma for doing such a neat job in repairing my ear lobes The procedure done was painless and no scars or marks left. Total care was taken till the stitches healed and new pierce done. Now I am able to wear all typesof earing. Thank you doctor, I really trust you and believe in your expertise

Mrs. Nandwani

Dr. Charu is excellent at what she does!! She will listen to your problems and explain the treatment to you step by step. I am usually apprehensive about needles and it was no sweat at all, thanks to her gentle touch. For any dermatological problem, I ALWAYS recommend Dr. Charu to the people I know.

Ms. Mani

Dr Charu, seemed to be a very experienced and knowledgeable on multiple skin issues. She is a patient listener and quick to identify the right cause very humble and the best thing not at all commercial. She gives an accurate and precise solution.After so much of disappointment ,I am in safe hands. She is my favourite. If anyone is searching a good dermatologist in delhi, I would definitely recommend and encourage to book an appointment with her regarding any skin related issue. she is just the best.

Ms. kanika

I had been suffering from ingrown toe nail for atleast 2 years .I got it removed from a surgeon but it didnot improve .then I visited dr charu , who operated and the result is fantastic .She has great surgical expertise and the post procedure care and instructions were spot on .A very approachable and professional doctor .highly recommended.

Ms Anita

I have been coming to Dr Charu for my botox and filler treatment for the past 5 years .She has an amazing insight for facial aesthetics. The cherry on the cake is her expertise and finesse in injecting ...really soft hands .Thank you doctor.

MS singh

It had been long since I was trying to manage the hair growth on my body. Waxing never helped and it also led me to have spots on my legs and arms. Because of it I could never wear short dresses or anything that showed my arms and legs. I had tried several option in waxing and other from it too. But none of them seem to help me. Having exhausted all option, I finally thought to give laser a try. I approached a lot of clinics and salons where laser is performed. Adding to misery, they made the whole process sound very complicated and unreliable. Then I finally met Dr Charu. She explained the entire process. Seeing her expertise,skills and professionalism it was easy to trust her. She provided thorough explanations, she was kind and attentive. She was honest about the entire procedure. Over some sessions I saw that my hair growth had reduced significantly. Not only that, my skin feels softer. Now, all thanks to Dr Charu, I have said goodbye to waxing and damaged skin. Dr Charu, has not only provided solutions to my hair problems but also scars and marks on my skin.

One of the most distinguishing traits about Dr Charu is that she never tells you to get some procedure done of it not needed. I cannot express my gratitude to Dr Charu for helping gain confidence about my body and doing such a good job. I highly recommend anybody who is trouble with skin problems to her. She is a superb dermatologist. I have know her for almost 3 years now. My advice: if you need a dermatologist, look no further. She is the one. Once again a big THANK YOU Dr Charu.

Ms Vasundhara