Acne Scars Treatment

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Acne Scars TreatmentDo you have acne scar anywhere in your body? And looking for acne scar treatment ? If yes, then don’t go anywhere, Dr Charu can give you best acne scar treatment, Dr charu’s clinic located in SafdarJung South Delhi, She has more than 6 year experience and know as one of the best Skin specialist Doctor in Delhi NCR.This is very famous treatment which helps to decrease your acne scars and treat pits, and this is non-surgical and painless laser treatment, acne, pimples or zits are a very common distressing skin concern common not only in adolescence but also on the rise in adults in present population. Multifactorial causes from hereditary predisposition, stress, pollution, erratic and unhealthy eating habits to part of medical conditions like PCOD. Characterised by lesions like comedones (black or white heads), papules (reddish raised pinhead sized lesions) pustules to cysts.

Acne usually results in scarring which may vary from hyper pigmented patches to pitted scars (ice pick, boxcar or rolling) to hypertrophic keloidal scars.

Treatment of acne is addressed in 2 phases

Active phase Management of present pimples and prevention of recurrences.

Topical management – benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, antibiotics, keratolytic agents (salisylic/glycolic acid preparations), Oral therapy (antibiotics, retinoids , micronutrients like zinc which modulate keratinisation), hormonal therapy in consultation with endocrinologist in refractory severe cases like PCOD

Management of scars- hyperpigmented patches- chemical peels , microderma-abrasion, mesotherapy,Pitted/ atrophic scars-concept of collagen enhancement, rejuvenation and remodelling by dermarollers and fractional laser (CO2/Erbium yag)

Hypertrophic scars- intralesional injection.

All therapies need to be individualised by dermatologist.